If families, consumers, or staff have concerns, complaints, or grievances, there are a number of means to have these issues addressed.

Moreover, HBMHS welcomes your concerns and, under no circumstances, will the person reporting a concern be retaliated against.

If you have a complaint, concern, or grievance you can contact the following people or agencies to have your issue heard:

Candice Phillips, Director of Operations

Partners BHM Concern and Complaint Line

Disability Rights NC

OR….Drop a suggestion card or grievance form in the HBMHS Suggestion Box (Located on the door of the Hughes BMHS administrative office)

Hughes Behavioral & MH Services is 100% committed to ensuring the highest quality of care for the people we serve, and a positive work environment for our staff. If you observe any unethical, unsafe, or unprofessional behavior in the workplace, we encourage you to call:

Or, you can file a report via the web: http://hbmhs.ethicspoint.com

NAVEX/EthicsPoint is an outside company, and all reports are 100% anonymous.